Friday, 24 May 2013

How To Save The Earth While Drying Your Hands

One of my pet peeves is paper towels and paper napkins. I just don't understand why it is so hard to use cloth napkins or towels and wash them.

But using paper towel is unavoidable when using public toilets. I have no idea if air-blowing hand dryers use less energy than the production and disposal of paper towels, but often we don't have a choice. (I like to use the paper towel so I can use it to open the washroom door when I leave. Have you seen how many people don't wash their hands properly or at all after using the toilet?!)

A friend sent me this fantastic TED Talk on how to cut down on the amount of paper towel when drying hands.

Such a great idea! I'm going to show this to my daughters and my students at school.

Shake... and.... fold.

Thanks Betsy!


  1. Wow - thanks for sharing this! We're always looking for ways to consume less paper products. Can't wait to teach my boys this technique.

    1. I hope it goes well. Now I can't use more than one piece and I even shake when I'm using cloth towels, lol.