Friday, 21 March 2014

Kitchen Scraps Garden

It may be hard to think about starting a summer vegetable garden when the weather outside feels decidedly more like winter than the first days of spring. I live in the pacific northwest and am making plans to begin my indoor seedlings in the next week or so, but I realize that this is just a dream for some

Celery grows well in containers, making it ideal
for small space gardening.
For those of us who are itching to get their hands dirty there is a quick and easy way to begin a garden inside that can transfer to a container garden outside, on a patio or larger garden. Even if you don’t have a green thumb or desire to grow a backyard garden, there is an easy way to grow some food in containers.

Place the cut end of the celery in a bowl with
water and watch it begin to grow.
I enjoy growing food from kitchen scraps, and my favourite is celery because of how easy it is to start. Each winter I buy celery from the grocery store and save the cut ends of the plant to begin a new plant. I start my celery inside and when the weather warms up I put it outside in a larger pot. Last year I received many compliments on my flavourful and aromatic celery.

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