Sunday, 2 February 2014

Card Making Fun

True to my nature as an all or nothing sort of person, I have been a bad blogger recently because life and other activities have been taking my focus away. My obsession over the past couple of weeks, in between getting over a lingering cold that decided to set up shop in my chest and throat, has been making cards. I have been making cards for at least ten years now, thanks to some friends and fellow teachers who got me hooked. One of those friends is now a Stamping Up rep and she keeps us well stocked and up on the latest card trends.

This year my one little word is make because I value homemade things. I hope to do a post per month on the latest things I'm making and enjoying, so for January I thought I would post a selection of cards that I've made recently. 

Making cards isn't particularly green, given that I buy new card stock paper, embellishments, inks, pens, glue and various adhesives. I could use more recycled paper and upcycled materials from around my home. However, I use as much of the paper and paper scraps as I can. I believe that making and giving my own cards has a personal touch, which is important to me. 

Most of these cards were inspired by ideas found on Pinterest, where I virtually hang out quite a bit. I get inspired by all of the creative people out there and it get my juices flowing to make. If you hang out on Pinterest you may have seen some of these ideas. A link to my card board is here.

I love the blended sunset colour of this silhouette card using
the bird builder punch from Stamping Up.

I love the owl punch, also from Stamping Up, because
of the multitude of ideas you can make with it.

This is for my middle daughter's birthday.

This minion card is made using the owl punch
(see above). I haven't added a sentiment yet.

This is for my youngest daughter's birthday.

It's always good to have girly cards ready in this house.

Another card using the owl punch (see above).

I'm obsessed with the Keep Calm memes, so this stamp set
was a must for my collection. 

I've knitted little heart thank you cards for people
who donate yarn to my knitting club. The pattern
can be found here.
I always forget to make cards for men so here are two
attempts at more masculine cards. 

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