Saturday, 5 April 2014

Spring Cleaning in the Garden

I took advantage of a sunny, warm afternoon this week to finally get started on my garden for the year. I have been avoiding getting out there partly due to the weather, but also because I have been overwhelmed by the task before me (and partly because I'm a little bit lazy). 

How can I resist a macro ladybug shot? 

My youngest, our little monster, joined me and "helped." It would have probably been easier without her input, but I'm trying to encourage my girls and have them feel like they are a part of what we grow and eat.

Pulling the wheelbarrow around for me is her job.

Despite initial trepidation, she liked getting dirty
shaking the soil off the weed roots.

It was much needed, both for the garden and me. The weeds had taken over where I didn't mulch in the fall and it was a big job. The fresh air and natural vitamin D after a long winter with lots of sickness was wonderful.

Our magnolia tree, which blooms three to five times a year.

My favourite spring flower, bleeding hearts.

I cleaned out all the raised beds except for the kale, which is beginning to bolt. I can't decide whether to let it go to seed and save the seeds or take them out to make way for new plants and freeze the kale. Then I started to clean up the back of the yard where I grow raspberries and flowers. There is still much to do but I am holding off because my amazing neighbour is going to patch up our dilapidated back fence until we can afford to replace it. Then I cut the lawn, which was not fun (push mower for the first cutting of the season = hard work).

Over the next couple of weeks I hope to add more soil and compost to the raised beds, clean out the pots, then plant some spring veggies.

I removed the mulch from the garlic bed. Looking good!

Still pretty rough looking - can you see the big hole in
the fence in the right corner? I hope to plant wild flowers
this year for low maintenance and to encourage pollinators.

Next up, get some seedlings started indoors!

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