Thursday, 1 May 2014

Let the Nature Challenge Begin!

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This month I'm participating in the 30 x 30 Challenge from the David Suzuki Foundation. The idea is to spend 30 minutes outside for 30 days. There are so many reasons why this is good for us; check out the website for great tips! I've officially signed up so I can receive ideas and reminders to keep me on track.

Even though I have natural couch potato tendencies, I always feel better after a natural dose of fresh air, vitamin D. The trick is motivating myself so that I don't get hung up on my many inside responsibilities.  Instead, I need to remember that being outside motivates me and gives me more energy, which in theory should help me accomplish all that I need to do. And if I don't, well, those dishes and that marking will always be there and that's ok.

It's easy to spend more time outdoors in May, with the warmer weather that pulls us all outside, and my vegetable garden that always needs some attention. But there are those days when it is a little colder, or raining, or I'm tired from a long day at work, and it is a challenge to avoid parking myself on the couch.

So here is my tentative plan for making it a priority to get outside for 30 minutes over 30 days:

  • on my days off from work walk my kids to and from school as much as possible (when we don't have immediate after school commitments), which I try to do.
  • continue to check on my garden with watering, weeding and cutting of the lawn
  • try an after dinner family walk, which is easier now that it is light so late into the evening
  • go on a family walk or bike ride on the weekends, which we have being doing so far this spring. 
  • try geocaching, which has been on my list of activities to try for some time

I hope to check back throughout May to share how I'm doing with this to keep me honest and on track.

Do you get enough outdoor time? Do you want to join me in the 30 x 30 Challenge?


  1. Being in your garden is the real deal as far as the nature challenge goes imo! I am jealous of your skilz. I tried the celery one and it had some sad looking leaves and then died. I don't think it got enough sun. Sometimes I don't think I have enough energy leftover from taking care of my kids to take care of plants. Perfect time of year for after-dinner walks! Love those when school is out and less pressure for early bedtime.

    1. Yes, I understand about not having energy for things after taking care of kids. You definitely need to give the celery enough sun to stimulate the new growth. Don't give up! Do you have a sunny window in a high traffic or high use area? That way you'll see it and it will remind you to change the water.