Sunday, 2 September 2012

And So It Begins

This is the inaugural post for my new blog, documenting my family's journey toward a more green life in our suburban community, Steveston.

I believe in the physical and spiritual connection amongst all parts of an ecosystem, and I believe that where I live has influenced my life.

Steveston is a lovely area of Richmond, B.C. that has rich past, and present, links to the fishing and farming industries.

The natural beauty of this area provides inspiration for living an outdoor lifestyle, with easy access to mile after mile of walks along the Fraser River dyke. On any given day we are witness to majestic bald eagles who make their nest in the trees or herons searching for food in the marshy shore. My children (and iPhone olloclip) have motivated me to notice the smaller things as well, such as the much loved ladybugs and honey bees. There is much to keep the outdoor lover occupied.

We can walk through community gardens and shop for local produce at the many farms in the area or the farmer's market and numerous local festivals.

With bike paths and flat terrain of the river delta, much of what the area has to offer is accessible by foot or bike, making it easy to transition to a less car-dependent lifestyle.

What we do in our family toward being more conscious of our eco footprint is not unique to families today, especially here in my local community, and there will always be people more "green" than us. My purpose is to document the path we are traveling, the change in our thinking that occurs, the roadblocks that we encounter on our own unique journey. I hope to connect with other green-minded families. As a teacher it is my passion to mentor others in their own learning process, so I hope to maybe even inspire someone to challenge their own thinking through this blog.

How does where you live affect your life and your ability to follow a green path?

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