Friday, 15 March 2013

Yoga Socks

I have become a little bit obsessed with knitting. As the woman at the local knitting shop said to me, "If I'm sitting, I'm knitting."

After posting about my intention to improve my knitting skills this year a friend, and very talented knitter, offered to mentor me. We had our first meeting last week and the project I picked was yoga socks for my daughter. I wanted to tackle knitting in the round using double-sided needles. I have completed a dozen infinity scarves, some using circular needles, but I really want to tackle socks. But I get so frustrated with double-sided needles, which is why I have a half-completed sock from ten years ago sitting in a yarn tub.

My friend showed me how to knit socks using two circular needles rather than double-sided needles and I am completely thrilled! Instead of spreading the stitches evenly over three needles, the stitches are divided between the two sets of circular needles. Knit one side with one circular needle, then the other half of the stitches with the other circular needle. Pure genius.

I started with these yoga socks (free pattern at my local shop), which are missing the heel and toes. I like how I have quick satisfaction making these before I build up to trying to turn the heel, of which I am terrified! My Banana Girl, who is in kindergarten, loves doing yoga every week at school, and she is happy to have these to wear. She's my little free spirit!

I hope to make full socks very soon, using this wonderful circular needle method.

Thanks Margaret!


  1. Those are lovely! Good job.
    Turning a heel is not that difficult - I don't know where that rumour started but I think it has kept many people from trying to knit socks.
    Go for it!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement - I am even more determined to tackle socks now. I guess I need to sit with someone to walk me through it because the patterns confuse me so much, and I've done pretty well with figuring things out for myself so far.