Friday, 26 April 2013

Linky Love

I have so many posts swirling around in my head, but so little time right now to actually write any of them.

So instead I'd like to link to three blogs I enjoy reading. They have a love of homemade and connecting family with the natural world in common.

1. My Healthy Green Family:
Free Range Mama lives with her husband and three children on acreage in British Columbia where she raises free range chickens, goats and bees, and an organic garden each year. She believes in making rather than buying, buying second hand rather than new and generally making do with less. I have learned so much from her about making personal care products along with other DIY projects. Her facebook page always has fantastic links to eco and garden ideas.

Click here to see some of her DIY recipes, such as lip balm, whipped body butter, soap making, beeswax food wrap, and borax free laundry detergent.
I learned how to make natural food colouring for my daughters' 
Valentine cupcakes from My Healthy Green Family.
This lovely pink colour is made with raspberries.

2. Go Explore Nature:
Debi, who lives in the Los Angeles area, shares the adventures that she and her explorers (sons) have outdoors. I originally found her blog through the nature photos she shares on Instagram and ideas she shares on Pinterest. I love the ideas for connecting children to nature in the backyard or further afield at beaches, forests and travels. She makes her activities simple enough to help anyone connect to nature, yet often has a new twist on an old favourite.

Click here to see some of her backyard nature exploring ideas, such as imaginary play, nature crafts and rainy day activities.
Although I don't get outside enough with my own girls, we enjoy 
exploring and playing in natural settings like Debi does with her boys 
in Go Explore Nature. Here we are playing in the sand 
at Garry Point, Steveston after flying kites.

3. SouleMama:
Amanda Blake-Soule lives in Maine with her husband and five children who she home schools. She is the author of three books that inspire families to connect with nature and the seasons and to be creative and repurpose items. She lives on a homestead in Maine which is currently home to chickens, sheep, pigs, turkeys, bees, and a large organic garden. I love reading about her slow, simple ways to grow, preserve, sew, knit, create and share. I am particularly fascinated by her recent attempts to learn how to spin wool. She is a talented photographer and her blog is fun to visit alone for the beautiful photos she takes of her children and their farm.

I am occasionally inspired to participate in her {this moment} on Fridays where people can link up by sharing a photo of a simple, special moment from the week.

When we visited this lovely farm on Salt Spring Island last year 
I had visions of my own homestead similar to what 
Amanda Blake-Soule has created with her family in Maine.

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