Friday, 20 June 2014

Spring Garden Harvest

Here is a selection of my spring garden harvest in photos:

Kale is my number one favourite plant to grow. My
neighbours gave me some of their rhubarb. 

Leafy lettuce, deer's tongue lettuce, radishes, celery.

We have enjoyed many colourful salads this spring.

Mustard greens have a wonderful tangy taste

When mustard greens are cooked their mild mustard
flavour is enhanced. I love cooking them in coconut oil,
garlic and balsamic reduction. Recipe here.

This is the first time I've grown turnips in the spring. I had
to harvest some early because powdery mildew began
early this year. 

My chives were so big they looked like green onions! 

The strawberries did very well this year and they came in early.


My bok choy did not do as well as I'd hoped because the
soil was a little nitrogen deficient. They were slow to
grow, then bolted early. I managed to salvage some.

I had the same issue with my spinach. One raised bed
did well, but the other bolted quickly.

We sautéed the spinach in butter, garlic and wine and served
over homemade pasta. 

And the queen of my spring garden: garlic scapes! My
daughter likes eating them raw, but my favourite way to
prepare is to make pesto. 

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